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Sheriff is a bot that helps you find exactly who to talk to
and automatically answer questions or mention relevant people
saving you time and bridging communications between team

1000+ companies use rotation schedules

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Channel Rotation

Just ask @sheriff

Visit any channel in your workspace, if you don't know who to ask, just tag the sheriff. Teams can setup a rotation of users to be the sheriff for each week. Always get a response to your question without @channel.

Flexible schedules
Create overrides
Ask sheriff from another channel
Screenshot of a user tagging the @sheriff in a Slack channel and @sheriff responding with the user that will be able to help

Setup an automatic rotation

Use the /sheriff setup command to setup a rotation of users in a channel to be sheriff each week. If you are feeling extra cool, you can customize the schedule too.

Screenshot a person setting up a @sheriff rotation with /sheriff setup

Ask sheriff from another team

Need to redirect a question but don't know where? Just tag the sheriff for another channel to help you out.

Screenshot a person setting up a @sheriff rotation with /sheriff setup
Screenshot of a user tagging the @sheriff in a Slack channel and @sheriff responding with the user that will be able to help
Channel Rotation

Who's turn is it?

Track recurring meeting host, who's on-call or find out who's turn it is to organize a team outing. The sheriff rotation is flexibly setup so that you can track these rotating roles in any channel.

Internal help channels
Recurring meetings
First responders
Smart Answers

Answer common questions automatically

Sheriff learns from conversations in your workspace and uses large AI language models to automatic answer incoming questions. Saving time for you and your team.

Natural language understanding
Sources explaining answer
Fully automated
Screenshot @sheriff bot answering a question automatically without tagging anyone
Screenshot of a user asking @sheriff bot which channel they should go to to ask about the new app rollout and the bot suggesting the #app-v2-launch channel
Knowledge Discovery

Who should I talk to?

Slack channels can be overwhelming, Sheriff can help you find the right channel for your conversations or suggest people who know the most about a topic.

Suggests channels and people
Detailed information on who does what
Ask Sheriff in private DMs

Get started for free, pay as you go


first 100 messages / month

  • Unlimited users & channels
  • Up to 100 messages to Sheriff bot
  • Unlimited rotating channel rosters
  • Tag a sheriff from another channel
per 100 messages / month

Billed monthly based on usages

  • Unlimited users & channels
  • Pay only when you talk to Sheriff bot
  • Unlimited rotating channel rosters
  • Tag sheriff from another channel
  • AI generated response from historical conversations
  • AI suggested subject matter experts and channels

Frequently asked questions

What does the sheriff bot do?
Sheriff bot allows you to create a rotating roster of users in a channel that will become the designated @sheriff for a period of time (default to 1 week). Whenever a user comes into this channel, they can tag @sheriff which will in turn notify the current user in the roster.
This simple functionality can be used in multiple ways:
  1. Sheriff acting as the first point of contact for any questions from outside the team
  2. Use sheriff in a support channel to answer incoming questions
  3. Use sheriff to track a recurring role that cycles between team members
Does sheriff get setup automatically in every channel?
No, you can choose which channels to setup a sheriff roster for. If you tag the sheriff in a channel without a roster setup, Sheriff bot will try to answer your question automatically based on previous conversations in that channel.
Someone is on leave, how do I take over as sheriff?
If a team member who is the current sheriff is away and is unable to answer questions, just override it to someone else. To do this, try "/sheriff override @username for 1 day".
How do I ask sheriff who to talk to?
If you have a question but don't know who is the best person to ask in your team. Just direct message Sheriff bot and it will suggest the most appropriate channel or people to talk to based on conversations that happens in the channel and the people involved in them.
Does sheriff bot learn from private DMs?
No, Sheriff bot cannot learn from private messages. In fact, Sheriff bot can't access your private messages on Slack at all. If you want additional privacy, you can also change whether or not Sheriff bot can learn from public channels or just threads that Sheriff bot is involved in.